Which WordPress host?

What if there was a simple way which you could increase the speed of your website, increase the security of your business, increase conversions and page views on your website. While this may seem like a lot of work, it’s actually pretty simple and it all revolves around the hosting company that you go with. While many people use shares hosting which is fine for smaller websites, the benefits of a better hosting companies can profoundly outweigh the monthly costs. Think of it this way, the website is like the body of your car, it can be pretty to the user but the engine of the car is with the host. The more powerful the engine, the faster your car performs. With a better hosting company you can not only increase conversions on your website (see video below for an extra $16,000 a year on WP Engine. But your website will faster, more secure and stronger for increased traffic. Read this WP Engine review for more information.

¬† So now we have discussed the benefits of a good hosting company, which is the best WordPress hosting.¬†According to that website if you’re serious about your business and wish to take it to the next level then WP Engine is the best choice for your business. While one of the more expensive hosting companies out there, you pay for what you get. Not only do you increased the speed of your website up to around 40% but with daily backups of your website, excellent support and many other benefits there’s a reason why the website picked WP Engine as the best. Second in place according to that website was Bluehost. While targeting those users who are just getting started with their website, Bluehost offers a cheaper package which is affordable for most users. Bluehost has a reputation of excellent uptime, excellent customer support as well as being fast for smaller websites which is why they came in a 2nd for WordPress hosting. Both of these hosting companies are excellent choices and will customers for starters as well as more serious website owners. See http://wphostinghub.net/best-wordpress-hosting/ for more information regarding the best WordPress hosts and let us know about your experience if you decide to switch. *Update I opted for WP Engine after reading Shopify review and used them to build my own e-commerce store. I used WordPress and the WordPress plugin while using WP Engine as my host.